Advantages of a four track gravel road

Gravel roads that have been bladed during routine maintenance are typically a three track road. Traffic straddles the centerline and gravel tends to work it's way to the shoulder and eventually into the ditch.
Add Compaction to your routine maintenance. If you compact the driving lanes only, traffic won't straddle the the centerline and your road will return to a four track road.
Once you get your gravel roads back to four track roads you will notice that you don't need to add as much gravel as you did before. The gravel alone will save you money and you will also notice a 10% to 40% savings in maintenance time and expense because your driving lanes are compacted.

The driving lanes are all you need to compact so we recomend our WR75 Walk 'n' Roll for most applications. The WR75 is 75" Wide and just fits between the tire tread on most motor graders.
Our 75" machine has 10 tires and our 90" machine has 12 tires on the ground. The more tires the less PSI, therefor, the 75" unit will give you more compaction than a 90" unit will. The 90" unit will give you more coverage per pass.
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Blade and compact roads in one operation
See the WR75 Walk 'n' Roll in action.

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