Series 3 Walk 'n' Roll  models
3 widths, 8 models of packers and the RETRIEVER gravel reclaimer

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WR75 Series 3 Walk 'n' Roll Packer/Roller. The WR75 is 75" Wide. Has Five (5) independent Walking Beams, Ten (10) 7.50 X 15 fourteen ply smooth tires.  It has a single beam main frame with a high arch gooseneck.

We have two (2) other straight frame units. The WR90, 90" packing width, Six (6) independent Walking Beams, Twelve (12) 7.50 X 15 smooth tires and the WR105 Has 105" packing width, Seven (7) independent Walking Beams, Fourteen (14) 7.50 X 15 smooth tires.

WR90RL Hydra-Slide Walk 'n' Roll packer/roller  90" packing width, 24" Right or Left hydraulic side-shift without relocating the  side-shift cylinder, Six (6) individual walking beams, Twelve (12) 7.50 X 15 Smooth Roller tires.  It is also available with a 36" RH Hydraulic Side-Shift.
We have a WR75-30 with a 30" RH Hydraulic Side-Shift that has the same specifications as the WR75 straight frame packer.

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The WR90 Series 3 Oscillator Walk 'n' Roll packer/roller with the Twin Sub Frame oscillation allows the packer to follow the contour of the surface.  It has Six (6) independent Walking Beams,  Twelve (12) 7.50 X 15 smooth roller tires. 

The all new WR90-24RL Series Oscillator Walk n Roll packer/roller with the twin sub frame oscillation allows the packer to follow the contour of the surface. It has Six (6) independent Walking Beams, Twelve (12) 7.50 X 15 smooth roller tires,and a 24" Right or Left Hydraulic Side-Shift. The machine weighs 3,800 lbs.
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Something new has been added; The Articulator

Now you can compact your roads while turning a corner with the Walk 'n' Roll Articulator. Manual lock-up when transporting or backing up is standard. Electric lock-up is available as an option.
Walk 'n' Roll packer/roller Warranty Information
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The mission of Al's Metal Work is to produce the finest grader attached compactors - workhorse machines that out-engineer, out-perform, out-feature, out-last, and are out-and-out better values for the money than ANYTHING ELSE ON THE MARKET TODAY!
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