Phillips County Colorado

Kevin Scott, Larry Zuber and Mike Salyards
Road & Bridge Supervisors


the WALK N ROLL packer is a high quality piece of equipment, well worth the investment. It will pay for its self in reduced maintenance costs. Even in dry conditions we see an improvement in the road surface. Our constituents have commented on the difference it makes. Phillips county has owned 3 WALK N ROLL packers for 3 years and we just purchased 3 more.  We hope to have a WALK N ROLL on every grader some day.

WR75 Walk 'n' Roll packer/roller
Phillips County owns three WR75 Series 1 Walk 'n' Roll packer/rollers and three WR75 Series 3 Walk 'n' Roll packer/rollers. 
They prefer the newer Series 3 machines as they are closer to the grader and easier to manuver.  They prefer the single beam main frame with the High Arch Gooseneck over the old style box frame.
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The Walk 'n' Roll packer/roller is