When you use a Walk 'n' Roll
Better Roads won't cost you more money! It will SAVE you MONEY!
and here are the reasons why! 

Owning & Operating costs include the following:
1. Machine Depreciation
2. Operator Wages & Benifits
3. Repairs
4. Tires & Fuel
Ask your dealer for an O&O on your motor grader. It could be $150.00 an hour or more.

-- lets just talk about fuel!
Owners report that contineous compaction will reduce your maintenence expense by 20% to 60%. This savings is reflected in the hours you operate your grader.

The average grader has 800 Yearly maintenence hours. Let's be real conservative and say we only save 20%. 800 hours @ 20% means 160 less hours of annual operation Diesel fuel @ $3.00 per gallon, consumption 6 gallon per hour is an annual savings of $2,880.00 per year in FUEL SAVINGS alone. Not mentioning repairs, tires, and wages. The labor savings will give you time to do some other things that you never have time to complete.

If you look at the total picture and say your Owning & Operating cost is $150.00 per hour and you spend 160 less hours per year on maintenence you will save $24,000.00 annually and have BETTER ROADS to drive on. This saving will pay for a Walk 'n' Roll in one year.

There is no machine on the market today that will pay for itself faster than a Walk 'n' Roll packer/roller

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